Nicholas St Jon is an inventor, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and software developer.

You probably won’t ever see Nicholas in a suit, he’s mostly known for wearing Hawaiian print shirts.
A veteran of the U.S. Navy, served on Fleet Ballistic Missile submarines for 4 patrols as a Navigation Electronics technician and then on the Telemetry ship Range Sentinel out of Cape Canaveral, FL that tracked test submarine missile launches.
After the Navy, Nicholas had the privilege of working on the Space Shuttle program until after the Challenger accident.
Relocating to Pasadena, Ca, he then began work at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in the role of support personnel and then into computer programming.
See his many accomplishments at NicholasStJon.com
Nicholas has had a stellar consulting career as well, having consulted with the JPL lab, Gillette, Mattel, Disney, City and County of Los Angeles, and many more.
Nicholas is always looking for ways to improve things. He has several inventions that have made it from thought to proof of concept, through prototype and finally sales in the marketplace to people he didn’t previous know. Among those inventions are the Draft Stops that keep free swinging doors closed in winds up to 45 mph and the EZ Pickleball Court Layout tool for quickly lining out temporary courts with tape reducing layout time from over an hour to just 20 minutes.

You can reach Nicholas St Jon at:
316.461.4298 (text or call)
[email protected]