There’s nothing worse than getting out to your car and it’s 150 degrees inside, right?

You’ve tried those “sun shades” but other than keeping the direct sunlight off of your steering wheel, it’s still 150 degrees after 3-4 hours and takes a long time to get all that heat knocked down by your overworked air conditioner.

With the new revolutionary Shade4Utm, you have shade with you where ever you park, it covers not only your front windshield where sun shades try to combat the heat, but it also covers the back window where a huge amount of heat enters your car unabated.

But these aren’t just any old regular cover, these are modified covers with a specially designed thermal insulation applied to keep the cool air inside the car and keep the outside hot sunlight from getting through those big windows.

Our initial tests show with our Shade4Utm product, you could see a reduction in heat inside your car by as much as 30 degrees lower than doing nothing or even using a sun shade for more than 4 hours. As it turns out, the sun actually super heats the air between the windshield and the sun shade that then rises pulling cooler air in to then get super heated as well. Our study shows that anything much over 4-5 hours and you might as well of saved your money on the sun shade because it’ll be just as hot as without it.

Typical sun shade

With the Shade4Utm system, you’ll no longer have a steering wheel so hot you can hardly drive, burning your legs on a seat directly exposed to the sun, suffering and sweating while you’re waiting for your car to cool down, or driving around looking for that tree in the parking lot that no one else has claimed yet.

Your car will cool down in less than half the time it used to.

Imagine coming out to a car that is only 120℉ or less instead of 140-150? How sweet would that be???

While we are not yet in production, we will be taking a few pre-production orders at a $20 off discount. Retail price will be $79.95 for a set (both front and rear covers) or $49.95 for just the front windshield cover for those of you who don’t have a big sloping back window.
Pre-production price is just $59.95 plus S&H for the set or $29.95 plus S&H for the windshield cover. We expect to be able to ship pre-production orders within 2-3 weeks of receiving them.

Shade4U Covers Pre-Production Order w/$20 Discount

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